Why You Should Use a Specialist Mirror Cut Sharpening Service

Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Best Edge Sharpening’s Mirror Cut technology is superior to anything else available. And here’s why you should take advantage of it!

Injury Avoidance

Let’s start with the obvious. Blunt knives are more dangerous to use than sharp ones. Hang on, I hear you say, that’s not obvious! Well maybe not, but it is true – especially in a professional environment. When you apply pressure to whatever it is you are cutting, a blunt knife is more likely to slip off and straight into your hand than actually cut the food. The sharper the knife, the more likely it is to cut food. The more likely it is to cut food, the less chance it ends up in your hand.

In a professional context, chefs and cooks are so well trained that their hand muscles have developed memory for cutting actions. Provided a sharp knife is in their hand, they’re generally extremely safe from injury. But the same actions with a blunt knife can be disastrous.

Mobility Means No Disruption

The advantage of having a mobile service such as Best Edge come to your home or workplace is measurable in time. The amount of time you save not having to schedule special trips to a sharpener = more time spent in the kitchen preparing food. And of course, if you can’t even spare the time it takes to sharpen the knife on site, we have pre-sharpened loan knives that you can use while we work.

Superior Technology

Mirror Cut is a patented technology that essentially renders all other sharpening methods inferior. To start with, a minimal amount of material is removed during the mirror cut sharpening process. This equates to longer lives for your knives and tools.

A particularly good example is hairdressing scissors. Those bad boys aren’t cheap, and small businesses simply can’t afford to be replacing tools like that too often. Using our technology dramatically increases the lifetime of the tools.

Further, water is used during the sharpening process with knives. This keeps the knife cool during the sharpening. That’s important because heat build-up will ruin modern knives. Overheating changes the hardness of newer knives.

Commitment Matters

John Hiscock has invested over $100,000 in sharpening equipment, tools and extensive training to make sure that Best Edge is an industry leader. This is his passion and as such, you find a more professional and committed sharpener in Tasmania. His experience means he can guarantee a professional sharpen every time. Of course, John is always more than happy to discuss your particular requirements prior to sharpening. Call him today on 0488 008 001 or contact him here.

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