Why You Need an Expert Sharpening Service in Winter

It’s winter. No doubting that when you step outside in southern Australia at the moment. Winter means pruning season. And pruning means sharpening your tools. Imagine finally building up the momentum to get out there and prune those roses and fruit trees only to find that your favourite secateurs are as blunt as a toy sword! Fortunately, this scenario is easily avoidable.

Most gardeners probably don’t consider having their tools expertly sharpened. They likely write it off as something that only professional landscapers do. Perhaps they believe it to be prohibitively expensive. Whatever the reason you’ve been avoiding an expert sharpening service for your garden tools, you needn’t be. An expert service like Best Edge Mobile Sharpening is the answer. They can take care of your secateurs, pruners, hedge clippers (hand and some powered ones), and much more. Your tools are inspected, sharpened, lubricated and adjusted.

What’s more, they’re mobile. The Best Edge van will visit you at your home with all the equipment needed. No dropping your tools off at a store and waiting days to pick them up. This is an instant service. Secondly, it’s is far more affordable than you might think. In most cases you can get all your pruning tools sharpened expertly for under ten dollars. And the Best Edge team will sacrifice their track pants and footy telecast if you need them there on a weekend! Of course, while they’re there, you should probably take advantage and have your kitchen knives and other household cutting tools sharpened too! The best part? Because of how advanced Best Edge’s technique is, you won’t need your tools and utensils sharpened again for up to six months. Expert sharpening services like this shouldn’t be a secret – known only to professionals.

So call John at Best Edge today and become the envy of your neighbours. Your roses and fruit trees will thank you. Best Edge also carry a range of F-Dick knives so ask for a demo if you are looking for some new kitchen knives.

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