I sharpen many different brands of knives every day – owned by chefs, butchers and households alike. I can feel the differences in the quality of the blade while working on it. I know from sharpening F.Dick knives that they deliver on performance and durability across their range.

About F.Dick

Few companies can say that they are genuinely centuries old. F.Dick can. The company was founded in Esslingen, Germany in 1778. So only eight years after Cook landed at Botany Bay, Johann Friedrich Dick was already perfecting the art of knife manufacturing.

Cliché in a good way

I’m generally not a fan of stereotypes, but there’s a reason Germans are known for their engineering prowess. F.Dick knives are no different. The modern product is the result of hundreds of years of considered German engineering. Not many knives can say that. Their slogan (in English) is “Traditional brand of the professionals”.

And F.Dick knives are a tradition. Read chef Dylan Turnbull’s opinion on the tradition of F.Dick knives in this article on Just The Sizzle. He says, “I fell for old knives long before I stepped foot into a commercial kitchen. Maori believe you imbue objects with your soul when you use them. So, I was raised to have respect for the old and well-worn tools that get handed down. Old carbon steel knives tend to be higher quality than new stainless and F. Dick knives tend to be quite common.”

Why I promote F.Dick

When you work with knives as often as I do, you get to know the characteristics of a good quality knife. Obviously, the longer it lasts without the need for professional sharpening, the better it is for commercial kitchens. But it’s more than that. It’s about design as well. F.Dick do a fantastic job of engineering their knives perfectly for use in the commercial kitchen.

About their classic chef’s knife, they say this: “Chef’s knives have a slightly curved cutting edge that is ideal for making a rocking cut. One hand grasps the handle and the other stabilises the tip when making a rocking cut. Herbs, for example, are finely chopped with the upward and downward movements of the handle. The knife tip remains on the cutting board.”

It’s that kind of commitment to knife perfection that makes me proud to call myself a proponent of F.Dick. Soon, I’ll also be a retailer. Keep your eyes peeled for the Best Edge F.Dick online store – coming soon!